Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Recent Facebook Status Messages

The following are a few of my most recent politically-related Facebook status messages and comments, in chronological order. These messages are brought to you under the auspices of the Freedom of Speech clause in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, do not represent or imply an endorsement of or advocacy for any particular candidate, and are merely an expression of my personal opinions and views.

I realize I'm not very smart, but I'm having a hard time understanding how a presidential candidate who is close to being or is a billionaire (he won't release his tax returns going back more than a few years to let the American see for themselves the extent of his personal wealth) and getting richer every year, and pays an effective tax rate of less than 15% can claim to be the candidate who cares the most about and will do the most for the now HUGE percentage of -- by definition -- POOR in America. Again, I'm not a mathemetician or CPA, but seems to me if you were demonstrating your concern for the poor by giving away large amounts of your money to the poor, you probably would not be a billionaire. Just sayin'. -Dr. Steven Lambert

King Obama outright LIED to the American Catholic Church officials about the effects of ObamaCare - now FORCING the Church to accept and engage in abortion and birth control against the Catholic Church's beliefs! Maybe now the rose-colored glasses will come off the largest single voting block in America concerning their beloved Democratic Party and its leader and finally see the truth! (Comment based on article, Obama Sandbags Archbishop) -Dr. Steven Lambert

About the only thing Romney hasn't flip-flopped on is Mormonism. That tells me all I need to know! -Dr. Steven Lambert

The vast majority of GOP opposition to Gingrich comes from the party "brass" who are themselves part of the elite establishment in Washington. The establishment in power in any segment of society, political and ecclesiastical included, always oppose reformers and those advocating for change. The vast majority of grass-roots Republicans get what Gingrich is saying, know he's right, and therefore will vote FOR him, not Romney. The national polls are never accurate and cannot be trusted. Don't believe them or the reports of the media claiming Romney will be the nominee. They'll all be proven false. -Dr. Steven Lambert

The likes of Rove and Krauthammer not excluded. They need to get over themselves and repent from their ridiculous vendetta against Gingrich -- for the sake of the party and the nation. They are the main promulgators behind of an anti-Gingrich bias now manifesting at FOX NEWS rising out of the backroom deals and promises made to Romney in the 2008 election that he would be their man and get the GOP support -- financial and otherwise --in the 2012 election if he would "wait his turn" and align with McCain for 2008 election just as they promised the same things to McCain in the 2004 campaign if he would drop out, go along to get along, and align with Bush's reelection campaign. It's all insider-trading, and the same backroom shinanigans that have been going on for years. Once again, the Republican establishment is determined to jam their hand-picked candidate that has promised not to do anything to rock the Republican boat and thereby unseat the sitting Republicans in Congress and the party, allowing them to keep their high-paying jobs, contracts, and deals. The more things change, the more they stay the same. This is all making Roger Aires and FOX NEWS look very bad, and will backfire on them, no doubt. -Dr. Steven Lambert

Newt Gingrich is a political reformer and deliverer. Reformers and deliverers are never welcomed with open arms by the establishment who preside over the "status quo" -- i.e., what needs to be reformed and what people need to be delivered from. The story of Moses illustrates how the powers-that-be treat reformers/deliverers. Gingrich's history has some striking metaphorical parallels to the story of Moses, particularly the part of being exiled from the Republican Party and banished to the backside of the political desert by his GOP collegues who are still angry at him for telling them the truth and being "in their face" when he was speaker insisting that they DO what they promised the American people and the Republican Party members when they were elected. Biblically, the number 40 symbolizes fullness of preparation. Gingrich's life experience of fighting through turmoil, troubles, trials, and testings, particularly since 1997, is what has prepared and qualified him for the highest office of our land at the most pivotal and perilous period in our nation's history (ironically, 2012 marks Gingrich's 40th year in politics). A reformer and deliverer is precisely what our nation needs right now politically. Gingrich is the political Moses chosen by God for this time in our history to bring greatly needed reform in Washington and deliver our nation from the tyranny of the democratic party socialists now in power, whose agenda is the dismantling our republican form of government and establishment of New Age hybrid form of fascist socialism under a single dictatorial autocrat. -Dr. Steven Lambert

Romney and Obama are two peas in a pod! My personal sense is that in terms of personality (we know there virtually indistinguishable politically other than party membership), there's very little difference between Romney and Obama. Race and political strategic ideology are the only thing that distinguishes the two. Both are narcissistic, conceited, condescending, detached, aloof, dictatorial, patronizing, ruthless, and Machiavellian. Romney is a richer and less "slick" version of "Slick Willie!" What is it about this type of personality that Americans love so much and are so attracted to? All three view themselves as worthy of Kingship rather than "presider" as the office of POTUS is supposed to be. To me, replacing the Obamas in the White House with the Romneys means no change except for the name plates -- one monarch for another monarch! Reminds me of my prophecy before the 2008 Election in which I warned that if the American people did what it appeared they were about to do it would be exactly like when God told Samuel to let the people have what they want, which was a king, but warned them what would happen when they got the king they were demanding! How true that word from God was! (read it at: -Dr. Steven Lambert

But what disappoints and disheartens me the most is that purporting believers don't have the discernment to discern this about these men. Why do the American people, including purporting Christian Americans, still clamor for a KING??? -Dr. Steven Lambert

"Separation of church and state" appears nowhere in the US Constitution or any US Laws. It was a term Thomas Jefferson used in a personal letter to a friend, and the connotation was not anything like what the godless and atheists have twisted it to mean, which is license to preclude the Church of Jesus Christ from having any influence in politics and government. The Bible says the opposite, and it is the believer's "constitution," Magna Carta, and Legislative Laws, all wrapped up into one! -Dr. Steven Lambert

Of the current GOP field, Newt stands tall above them all, for me as well. He's the best qualified, most experienced, knowledgeable, intelligent, informed, pragmatic, straightforward, tested, and proven candidate. The reality is: there will be no perfect, sinless men on the ballot. Don't be so heavenly minded, you're no earthly good. We're electing a president, not a pope. Let's all come down out of the clouds, and use the common sense the Lord blessed us with. -Dr. Steven Lambert

21% of Democratic Party members have defected from the party since Obama was elected. -Dr. Steven Lambert

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